jennyThe Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES) is the collective voice of the environmental sciences and related disciplines in higher and further education. CHES plays a leading role in the Higher and Further Education Environmental Science communities, representing member interests and lobbying on their behalf.

CHES is an active networking organisation and serves to enhance the quality of outcomes for all colleagues and institutions throughout environmental education. We aim to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between relevant bodies within the UK and internationally.

Key activities urban

  • The representative organisation for institutions delivering education in environmental science and its related fields
  • Ensuring positive outcomes for all environmental science providers, and highlighting opportunities for advancement
  • Providing the leading accreditation scheme for environmental science higher education degree programmes
  • Facilitating connections between member institutions and developing new avenues of international co-operation within the environmental science community
  • Coordinating between member institutions and linking with relevant professional bodies

There are 44 university and further education departments making up the membership of CHES. Our accreditation scheme covers 75 individual degree programmes across 26 of our member institutions. New members are welcome, and are not restricted to the Higher Education, nor environmental sciences. Please refer to our membership pages for details.


CHES AGM 2014, 21st November, Double Tree Hilton, Manchester
The Committee for Heads of Environmental Science (CHES) now accredits 75 programmes across 26 Higher and Further Education Institutions and has 44 departmental members both in the UK and internationally. Now, more than ever, CHES provides the crucial voice needed in environmental education and since the merger with the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) in 2013 we are presented with a unique and historic opportunity to realise our capacity to influence, shape and enact the future of environmental sciences. Therefore, at this year’s AGM, we will be presenting sessions to discuss the role CHES has to influencing curriculum, campus sustainability and to determine what research we should be undertaking.
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KIS requirements
The Committee has produced a fact sheet relating to the new requirements for HEIs across the UK to produce Key Information Sheets (KIS) from 2012/13. The document outlines the importance for our members to gain accreditation during the current period.