Accreditation Scheme
CHES provides a fast-track accreditation scheme for degree programmes delivered by CHES Member Institutions. To get your programme accredited, you must first become a member of CHES.


Degrees should fall within the remit of the QAA Benchmark Statement for Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies (ES3) and Masters programmes should be clearly aligned with this. We welcome applications from a diverse range of degree titles.

Please note that post-accreditation, any significant programme changes (greater than 25%) need to be reported, and official guidance approved by the CHES Accreditation Panel. The normal period for a programme to be accredited for is 5 years.

Benefits of Accreditation
As more focus in education is placed on the employability agenda, having a programme accredited by a professional body signals to potential students and employers that the teaching, learning and research is aligned to high quality professional development. We have prepared an information sheet detailing the wide range of benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Quality assurance: expert input into programme design and external accreditation of your degree content
  • Meet latest national reporting standards, as reported in the HEA's new Key Information Sheets
  • Promotion of the programme through the CHES/IES websites
  • Enrolled students on accredited programmes can apply for the grade of Student Member of the IES with the use of the post-nominal StMIEnvSc
  • Graduates qualify for half-price Associate membership of the IES

Accreditation costs

1st Programme Accreditation for a UK department   500
International Accreditation 600
Additional Programme accreditation 200
Re-accreditation of a Programme 200

Two of our members have shared their experience of accreditation:


"Being able to offer degrees that are accredited by CHES/IES means that our students are in the know about their subject area and that they can start the process of being recognised professionals in the environmental sector."

Dr A. Prysor Williams
Lecturer in Environmental Management
Bangor University

"[It] continues to be a positive driver in development of academic and professional course outcomes through relevant Benchmark Statements and the CHES/IES ethos... accreditation offers all of our students membership in this professional body, with access to great online resources. Furthermore, it is good to know that the continued professional development of our graduates is in good hands beyond the time they spend with us."

Dr Charlotte Braungardt
Programme Manager, BSc Environmental Science
Plymouth University

How to apply for accreditation
Download an UK Application Form (doc) and use our UK Accreditation Information (pdf) notes if required. If your institution is outside the UK please use this Overseas Application Form (doc) and refer to this Overseas Accreditation Information (pdf).

Degree programmes accredited by CHES/IES

Programme Title
University of Bangor Applied Terrestrial & Marine Ecology BSc (Hons)
Environmental Conservation BSc (Hons)
Environmental Management BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Geography BSc (Hons)
Environmental Management MEnvSci (Hons)
Environmental Science MEnvSci (Hons)
Geography MGeog
University of Birmingham Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science with Placement Abroad BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science MSci
Bournemouth University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
University of Brighton Earth & Ocean Science BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Brunel University Climate Change Impacts & Sustainability MSc
  Environmental Science: Legislation & Management MSc
  Environmental Science: Pollution & Monitoring MSc
University of Derby Geography BSc (Hons)
Conservation Biology MSc
Environmental Assessment & Control MSc
Environmental Management MSc
University of East Anglia Environmental Sciences BSc
Environmental Sciences MSci
University of Glasgow Earth Science BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science & Sustainability BSc (Hons)
  Geography BSc (Hons), MA (Hons), MASoc Sci (Hons)
University of Hertfordshire Environmental Management BSc (Hons)
Keele University Applied Environment Science BSc (Hons)
  Applied Environment Science with work placement BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science with Work Placement Year BSc (Hons)
  Environment & Sustainability BSc (Hons)
  Environment & Sustainability with Work Placement BSc (Hons)
Liverpool John Moores University Wildlife Conservation BSc (Hons)
Loughborough University Geography MSci (Hons)
University of Manchester Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science with Year Abroad BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science with Year in Industry BSc (Hons)
Manchester Metropolitan University Ecology & Conservation BSc (Hons)
Environmental Management & Sustainability BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Middlesex University Environmental Pollution Control MSc
  Sustainable Environmental Management MSc
University of Northampton Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
  International Environmental Management MSc
Nottingham Trent University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
The Open University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Oxford Brookes University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
University of Plymouth Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
University of Portsmouth Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Marine Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Qatar University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science MSc
University of Reading Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science with Professional Experience BSc (Hons)
Scotland's Rural College Environmental Protection & Management MSc
University of Sheffield Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science MEnv Sci
University of Southampton Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science MEnvSci (Hons)
South West College Energy, Environment & Sustainability FdSc
  Energy, Environment & Sustainability BSc (Hons)
University of St Andrews Environmental Earth Sciences BSc (Hons)
University of Stirling Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
  Environmental Science MSci
Ulster University Environmental Science BSc (Hons)
Geography BSc (Hons)
Coastal Zone Management MSc
Environmental Management MSc
Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Management MSc
Geographic Information Systems MSc
University of the West of England Environmental Resource Management (and with Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)
Environmental Science (and with Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)
Geography BSc (Hons)
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science (and with Foundation Year) BSc (Hons)
Environmental Consultancy MSc
Environmental Management MSc
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Science (and with Foundation Year) MSci
University of York Environment, Economics & Ecology BSc
  Environmental Geography BSc
  Environmental Science BSc
  Environment, Economics & Ecology MEnv
  Environmental Geography MEnv
Environmental Science MEnv